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Who do I help?

I'm the psychologist for you who:

  • have a tendency to please others (maybe you see yourself as a people-pleaser)
  • have experienced, experience, or are not sure if you experience psychological violence
  • have experienced sexual violence - also digitally
  • fight to find your self and believe in yourself
  • experience difficulty accepting and understanding your emotions
  • have difficulty setting boundaries, saying no, and demanding something from others
  • want to understand yourself and your attachment pattern
  • fight with harmful coping such as eating disorders or self harm
  • have too high expectations of yourself and struggle with perfectionism
  • feel stressed and burned out
  • have issues in your relations to others

Jeg er også parterapeuten for JER, der:

  • wish to reignite the spark
  • are stuck in the same fights and arguments
  • struggle to meet and understand each other
  • miss closeness and intimacy
  • need help to find new ways to communicate
  • are stuck in day-to-day practicalities and have lost the closeness

About me

Psychologist, writer, speaker, and most important - fellow human being

Psykolog med viden om psykisk vold

My degree in psychology is from Aarhus University, where I found my passion in developing online therapy, working with youths, and understanding in depth attachment and dysfunctional relationships.

Ever since, I've worked with the topic of psychological, sexual, and physical abuse in near relationships. Knowledge is crucial when you're in the middle of this, and that's why my blog is dedicated partly to this topic.

Therapy for me is all about the relationship created between us. Keywords to me are authenticity, presence, caring, warmth, openness, and connectedness. In therapy with me, problems are investigated curiously, in close, honest, and constructive teamwork. We're equals, but you're the expert on your life, and I'll always be grateful to be invited into your universe. Humor and happiness are just as welcome as grief and pain.

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white clouds and blue sky

“During the last decade I tried to engage in therapy with several professionals, yet it was not until I met Sophie that I truly felt a deep connection. Over the past 6 months months, she has guided me and build trust. I have been able to open up progressively on key defining hurtful life events that I was unaware had an impact on me. I have been learning to interpret them, while I found true self.

In all honesty, for me it has been a life changer meeting Sophie, it feels like for the first time in my life I can actually tell what is to be happy and who I am. Thanks to her active listening, her ability to empathize and her genuine interest in helping others mental health, I was able to practice conscious introspection and have inner growth. I feel like a burden has been lifted from my shoulders, and each session that goes by I feel lighter, healthier and happier. Thank You Sophie.”

Read more statements from clients here.


  • Fight or flight… or freeze or fawn

    Fight or flight… or freeze or fawn

    The fight or flight response is the body's reaction to a perceived acute threat. But what happens when you can't fight nor flight? The freeze and fawn responses are especially necessary, when living with violence. Read here why.

  • NEW! Meet me in the clinic

    NYT! Mød mig i klinikken!

    I'm very excited to announce the news that I will from November offer physical consultations in wonderful Skanderborg! Even though I have a passion for online-therapy, I'm also a fan of meeting in person. Having the option of doing both offer a effective and healing flexibility!

  • Sophie Buch on Online Therapy and the Darker Shades of Psychology

    Sophie Buch on Online Therapy and the Darker Shades of Psychology

    Some time ago I was invited to participate in a podcast episode from It's Complicated's podcast Therapy Talk. We talked about online-therapy, being an online-psychologist - and lots of other exciting things.

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Everyone has something they try to avoid - pain, distress, grief, shame, anxiety - and as long as we are stuck in avoidance, we won't be fully present in the life, we're living. We will then be constantly running. With me you won't need to run anymore.