Terms and conditions

Psykolog Sophie Buch

CVR: 42871494

Practical informations about sessions: 

Individual sessions last 50 min unless something else is agreed on. Couple sessions last 80 min.

Rates are set to fit the Danish market in the field and in line with Dansk Psykolog Forenings advised rates, as to not undermine colleagues. I reserve the right to change rates in accord to expenses, recommendations of Dansk Psykolog Forening, experience and specialization. In case of rate change, this will be announced with at least 4 weeks notice. 

Cancellation, rescheduling and no-shows:

To create a safe and trusting relationship that’s so necessary for therapy, it’s important to have some agreement on conditions. I value flexibility and find it important that flexibility goes both ways, so I will always do my best to offer flexibility when it comes to booking, rescheduling and canceling. 

I therefore offer the option of free rescheduling or canceling without a fee up until 24 hours before the appointment. At cancellations or no-shows after that, a full session rate fee will be charged. If rescheduling for the same day or week is possible a fee will not be charged. You can easily reschedule in the online booking system.

If the session is started and 15 minutes pass without you being in the call or showing up at the clinic, it will be considered a no-show, the session will be ended, and a fee charged. I will of course attempt to contact you and remind you that I’m waiting for you in the call. Automatic text and email reminders are a possibility, and I highly recommend this service as forgetting appointments is frustrating for both of us. 

In case of technical issues that will prevent starting online sessions, a new session will be scheduled without a fee. 


Payment is done by invoice and bank transfer, unless else is agreed upon. If you experience issues, let me know, and we will figure it out. I require that the payment is done on the morning of the appointment day in case of online sessions, and straight after the session in clinic.

Technical requirements:

For the session to be most satisfactory and effective, it’s necessary with functioning technique. I recommend checking internet connection before the session, using headphones, making sure headphones work before the session, and making sure you’re in a private place before the session. I also recommend closing all other messaging media on the computer (Teams, Facebook etc.) and putting your phone on silent. 

Contact in-between sessions:

I offer the option of contact in-between sessions, as I see it as a great therapeutic tool. As a client of mine you’re therefore welcome to message me through email or secure platforms used, to share thoughts, writings, ideas, reflections etc. and I will use it also to send relevant readings, exercises or thoughts.

I will not be able to promise a quick response at all times of the day. I do my best to give proper replies which also require the right time to be written. If you do choose to use the chat, which I can only encourage, I ask for patience in regards to my replies. If you would like it is possible to use a chat in a session rather than video call or phone call, but this will be considered a written therapy session and has to be scheduled. 

My responsibilities:

It’s my responsibility to make sure I offer the best help, or help the people I meet to find the best help for them. I reserve the right to refuse a request if I assess it inappropriate or outside my field of expertise. Through Danish law I’m working under the duty of confidentiality, which will only be broken in certain cases (threat to harm of self or others). 

I do not diagnose or do testing to determine a possible diagnosis. 

I do not work with children under 15 years of age. 


I store information in accordance with the GDPR regulations in place. 

Accepting terms and conditions:

If you choose to book a session it will be considered an accept of the terms and conditions. In the online booking system you’ll be required to accept terms before booking.