Statements from clients

Inden man dedikerer sig til terapi, kan det være rart at læse lidt om, hvad andre klienter har oplevet med terapeuten. Dette vil jeg også gerne give dig mulighed for. Derfor kan du på denne side læse et par udtalelser fra nogle af de fantastiske mennesker, der har været i terapi hos mig! Nogle er på engelsk, fordi jeg har mange udenlandske klienter.

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During the last decade I tried to engage in therapy with several professionals, yet it was not until I met Sophie that I truly felt a deep connection. Over the pass 6 months months, she has guided me and build trust. I have been able to open up progressively on key defining hurtful life events that I was unaware had an impact on myself. I have been learning to interpret them, while I found true self. In all honesty, for me it has been a life changer meeting Sophie, it feels like for the first time in my life I can actually tell what is to be happy and who I am. Thanks to her active listening, her ability to empathize and her genuine interest in helping others mental health, I was able to practice conscious introspection and have inner growth. I feel like a burden has been lifted from my shoulders, and each session that goes by I feel lighter, healthier and happier. Thank You Sophie.

“Sophie is very attentive and empathetic therapist. After almost a year of therapy my life feel less overwhelming. Therapy sessions with her are empowering and they proceed completely on the terms of the patient. Sophie is the first therapist that made me feel like my mental health and well-being matters. I highly recommend her as a therapist.”

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“I feel so lucky I found Sophie!  I am an American living in Denmark, and I have had a lot of therapy in my life.  I suffer from depression and anxiety, and Sophie is the first person I have ever worked with who pushes me to go further and deeper into my deepest feelings and reasonings which helps me to process them and work through them.  Her empathy has given me more empathy for others, and myself too.  She gives me the space to feel comfortable telling her my deepest feelings I didn’t realize were holding me back.   I have recommended Sophie to several friends. I cannot recommend Sophie more highly.  I leave every conversation feeling better and hopeful.”

“Sophie is such a present and genuine therapist. I found it helpful that she draws on different therapy methods as well as her own experience and understanding of life. All the while being professional, respectful and sensitive to me as a client. At a time when I was feeling stuck, therapy definitely made a difference. I hope more people get to experience that.”